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Basic Certification


MMC International provides an online, no charge certification program for our customers. Simply log onto and watch the instructional video. By following the step-by-step guidelines before taking
the test, you can become certified in the use of the MMC Presumptive Testing Kits, Cocaine Trace Wipes, and
Cocaine ID Spray.


Before you take the exam, please read all instructions carefully showed on each step you take .


You need to attend this course if:

  • You are a Narcotic Officer
  • You are a D.R.E.
  • You are involved with Presumptive Narcotic Testing
  • You may need the certificate to provide to court to show them you are a certified to use the MMC Presumptive Narcotic Tests.
  • Once you are registered you will start the course immediately.

Step 1: Watch the Instruction Video
Step 2: Study the Testing Guide
Step 3: Study the user instructions
Step 4: Take the exam.
Step 5: Once finished your result will be displayed immediately.

After successful completion of the online exam, a Certificate of Completion for temporary use will be e-mailed to your attention from MMC and a hard copy suitable for framing or for use in court will be send to you by separate mail.

Once you passed the basic exam, you may continue the Instructor exam if applicable.

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